How to compose a fun post at here ?

Huwaaaa seriously where did my passion in doing this thing has gone ? :(  Dulu kemain everyday post apa semuaaa . But now ? I dont even have any idea what to post what to share what to talk about hmmmm. Maybe i've became a dull person now huwaaaa no wayy no waaaayyyyy ! Bila baca blog orang lain cam blog Maria Elema ke kan i was like wow how did she get a lot of things to share ? How can she keep her passion in this blog thingy ? Being a blogger is not as easy as i thought hahaha . You need passion & yeahh a lot of thing (interesting one) to share! But i got nothing here to share unless my boring hectic routine adalah nak share hahaha and i am sure takde sape nak hidup macam aku lepastu hahaha . So yeahh what a short post i guess i dont have any idea (yup keep repeat the same words ) yet what to tell hmmmm tapi rasa jugak nak post something so here we go the meaningless post eva! well done pain meheheheehheehhe

Okay chiowww byeee Assalamualaikum :8)

The moment when i can do whatever i want such as baring atas jalan tar mehehehe