Yesterday , I did plan something crazy & out of my mind .  Without any hesitation at all , I told Fatin to pick her up at Melaka haha . Idk why all of sudden I would think to plan unexpected thing like that haha . Well, i'm just being myself. Unpredictable Farahin Natasha  :) . Hm I guess at that time I was wondering to face the memories & places where I've ever went with him . I have to face it instead of running away coz yes for sure it will chase u back & u will fall down get hurt all over again . Memories & past are the scariest things for me right now. Been there for more than a month still can't get over it T.T . It tortures me & yeahh kill me slowly. I cant't even control my emotional , my mind & myself . I feel like I'm gonna turn out as an insane freaky girl gahhhh. I'm almost give up, everyday everynight. Pathetic? yes I am. I can't deny it, I lose my weight banyak gila coz idk where my appetite gone to. I'm become weak when it comes to lose someone who i love so much . But then I realize...till when I have to live in fear, in pain and crying all day all night over the same things .And in my previous post pun has open up my eyes about the TEST that I haven't pass for so long. Asyik repest test je huwaaaa. I have to make a change right? alot of changes to be exact. I must find a thousand ways to fix my life. fix myself .Just leave it to Allah. Keep on dua' & have faith in Him. If it is meant to be , it will be . If we really meant to be together, sure will be & hopefully together in a better way , Amiinnn inshaAllah :). Always pray for that...

 So ehem, step 1 : face the memories & create a new one. 

Yup memories never fade & I won't forget the old ones tho :) just yeahh make a new memory at the same place would be interesting aite ? To make it becomes much sweeter & less hurt? hehe. well,  I called this mission as a rebound farahinization :p lulz.

Nawwhhh stop with all those summertime sadness . Let's move on to Farahin & friends roadtrip : Farawrhin,Beng,Fatin & Wak Take Over Melaka :D. Yeah apparently as i said before memang the main objective*ecewah* just to pick Fatin straight away go back to Bangi no singgah somewhere else . But unfortunately , we just can plan & Allah yang tentukan . Yes, He gives us a better plan tho entah mcm mana we have alot of time to chill out at Pantai Klebang wiwiwiwi. I've been dreaming to go there since forever kot! so yeahh Alhamdulillah I've got the chance to go there with my friends hihi. Macam orang lain jugak, we all had a  #foodhunting session laa jugakk duhhh. The food at there was hmm yeahh not bad boleh laa nak isi perut & make ur tummy happy. Aiskrim pasu dia memang ZE BEST! umangggaaaaii sangat sodap ! No regret seriously. satisfaction level 999++ .Okaylah, to make it short & kurang hambar I will share a few photos hmm coz it would be much interesting kot for u guys menjiwai our roadtrip hahaha. So here we go !

K I know tak enjoy pun sebab gambaq kami jaaa hahaha :p. Well I better stop here then hee . pray the best for us , for me &for all our muslim sisters & brothers out there . Semoga kita dapat bahagia yang diberkati dariNYA. Spread the love <3 & we all already know love can be define in so many ways - choose the right one to give then :) . Assalamualaikum.

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